Bullet Proof Seduction Review

Posted on 19. Jan, 2016 by afanley in Reviews

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Product Name: Bullet Proof Seduction
Standard Price: $4.95
Author: David Kwan
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 01st Oct 2010
Bonus Offered: Yes

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Publisher’s Description

Here’s How To Easily Walk Up To ANY Woman ANYWHERE & Spark A Desire SO INTENSE She’ll Want Nothing But To Be With You Again…

  • A smooth way to approach women who are already with other guys without creating any uncomfortable vibes within the group.
  • A step-by-step detailed plan on how to walk up to ANY woman, get her number or email and have her desperately EAGER to contact YOU the following day.
  • How to effectively approach and open up groups of women who looks “off limits” and have THEM ask YOU to join in and “roll” with them.
  • How to ethically “use” your female friends to meet MORE women as you’re out with them with little or no effort on your part.
  • How to handle any objection from women such as “why are you talking to us”, “donÂ’t you have anyone else here to talk to”, “IÂ’m not interested”, etc… and still end up setting a date with her
  • How to make any conversation ‘interesting’ enough & keep it going in order ignite the inner attraction within her.
  • The 3 magic words to say to a woman the moment you approached her that gets HER interested and do ALL the talking
  • What women REALLY want in a man, in how theyÂ’d like to beapproached, in how theyÂ’d like to be teased, talked to, touched, ‘playedÂ’ with, etc Â… but in whatever circumstances will NEVER tell their man!

User Reviews

Bullet Proof Seduction Review7.3103
  1. F Bailey January 2016 #
    Your training program has truly changed my way of looking at dating. The chapter on Hypotheticals are pure genius. I have read every dating book on the market and this one is the first to make the gradual transition from basics to advanced, without being too wordy. I am a college professor in Iowa and am considering using this book for our Communications series. Bang up job. Grab this one!
  2. P Martinez Nevada January 2016 #
    I’ve read a number of books in the dating/seduction genre, a lot of which tend to recycle the same information. This training is the missing link all this while! It is an explosion of fresh ideas, clever techniques, and a very unique twist: a Hostage Negotiator actually helped write it! This provides an incredible understanding of the power of words and phrasing, and how to quickly create bonds with people, keep a conversation flowing, and ultimately get what you want. It explains how to take Negotiator techniques and apply them to how you interact with women, with your boss, anyone who you want a tactical advantage with. The methods it teaches are easy to follow and apply.
  3. A. Smith January 2016 #
    Refreshing, humorous, and on-point from start to finish, this training you’re giving is clearly in a league of its own. From meeting women and steering the encounter in the right direction, to eliminating your fears and heightening your level of self-confidence, this program serves up tons of scenarios and suggestions to help unleash the Mack in all of us.

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